Sunday, May 29, 2011

Reason For Been Fired #001

One place I've worked a few years ago at for roughly a month had me do little more than build cardboard boxes for automated CD-burner computers and help the shipping and receiving guy.  During my interview, I've explained to the supervisor about my experience with PCs, how they were practically my life, how many people I've helped them with, and how I was in the process of getting my bachelor's degree in computer networking.

They hadn't told me exactly what tasks I would be assigned until after I was hired (I'd made sure to ask in future interviews), so I was disappointed and even a little insulted when I was told to do nothing buy mundane shit.  I still accepted as they promised I would have bigger responsibilities in as little as three months.

One month later, the same supervisor I had the interview with asked me if I knew how to use Wordpad.  I thought he was joking for a second, but I said straight out, "Yes."  He then had me type a bunch of SKUs, print them out, and hand it to him.  Of course, I had no trouble.

That afternoon, he asked me to have a word with him.  He said he was letting me go because I was not meeting the expectations of my other superiors.  The same superiors that was having me building cardboard boxes and label maybe three or four packages a day.  Up until that day, I hadn't even heard the slightest complaint from anyone in the company, and in fact was given commendations by both of them on a few occasions in that month.

I asked him if I was so unsatisfactory, why nobody had said so to me.  All he said was, "I thought about saying something at first, but then I decided against it.".  So I was fired because I was incompetent at box building and shipping.  Take that as you will.


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